Service Agreement

St. Louis Bathtub & Tile Reglazing LLC Service Agreement

St. Louis Bathtub & Tile Reglazing LLC hereinafter referred to as “SLBTR” is committed to providing 5 star service. We ask if you feel we fall short of anything less than five star service that we work together to reach that level of service & not disparage our reputation online or with others. The customer agrees not to disparage SLBTR or it’s employees online. The customer agrees that if we don’t earn a 5 star review with kind words no review will be posted. Our reputation & our livelihood is at stake & we would rather come to a fair solution privately. Per this commitment to Five Star Service, the customer agrees to be responsible for any legal costs involved to remove negative reviews or posts about SLBTR or it’s employees. SLBTR promises to resolve anything within reglazing industry standards. 

The customer understands SLBTR strives to make every job come out the best we can on the first appointment. Sometimes it’s necessary to follow up at a later date & this will not prevent you from using the item. Projects with ongoing construction should schedule any touch ups after all other contractors have finished their work.  

Customer understands SLBTR professionally masks off the work area for every project we do with masking paper, plastic and low adhesive tape and that in some cases when the tape is removed damage may occur to the paint or wallpaper. Customer agrees SLBTR is not responsible for any damage that occurs from masking materials, dust, and or overspray.

Customer agrees custom colors are not guaranteed to match the swatch from paint manufacturer due to the high gloss sheen as well as the reflection of lighting and paint colors. If a customer chooses to switch colors it will be at the customers expense for the additional time and materials involved.

The Customer agrees SLBTR does not warranty any caulking work performed by SLBTR. Caulking should be checked annually by the customer to prevent damage or leaks. SLBTR assumes no liability from caulking work performed. 

The Customer understands and agrees that reglazed surfaces are slick & pose a safety hazard. SLBTR it’s employees and assigns will be held harmless for any injuries sustained by the customer or guests in their home from surfaces Reglazed by SLBTR. SLBTR can professionally install a bath mat or anti-slip coating to help decrease the risk of injury for an additional fee. 

Customer agrees SLBTR will be held harmless for any water damage or plumbing issues related to our reglazing work. SLBTR at its sole discretion may remove plumbing fixtures and shall be held harmless for any damages to fixtures, items being reglazed, water damage, or plumbing that occurs. 

Customer understands that SLBTR offers a 10-year warranty for residential reglazing work & a 1-year warranty for commercial reglazing work. This warranty applies to the labor & material provided by SLBTR. This warranty does not cover acts of god, accidental damage or other conditions that may cause reglazed surfaces to fail prematurely. The customer agrees to follow the care & maintenance instructions provided by SLBTR. Failure to follow the instructions voids your warranty. Please see your warranty paper for all of the terms & conditions that apply. 

Customer understands & agrees that SLBTR assumes no liability from the reglazing work performed by SLBTR over the amount SLBTR charges customer to perform the reglazing work. In the event the amount of liability exceeds the cost of the work performed, the customer agrees to be responsible for the difference. 

Customer agrees that if any portion of this agreement is deemed legally invalid the rest of the agreement shall remain in full legal effect. This agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Missouri and the county of Saint Louis County. 

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